Translation and Proofreading

    Our professional team of translators has been well selected from leading universities with extensive experience will guarantees a high quality and accurate translation of texts on all subjects.To ensure the best quality, we follow a steps quality process:
•  The document is translated by a professional translator who is a native speaker of the required      language with experience in the area of specialization.
•  The document is then proof-read by a second translator for accuracy, who may also offer      suggestions for any changes that make the document easier to understand.
•  The document is reviewed to ensure that everything is ready for delivery to the client. Target      languages:

Vietnamese –Thai Thai – Vietnamese
Vietnamese – English English – Vietnamese
English – Thai Thai – English
Chinese – Thai Thai – Chinese
Japanese – Thai Thai – Japanese
Thai – Korean Korean – Thai

     The translated document can be stamped or notarized by the Center or Legal Office. Notarization applies to the documents only. Price: Start from 300 Baht (depend on the type of document)

Proofreading is also provided for English, Thai and Vietnamese document.

Feel free to contact our Center for more details


    Consecutive, Simultaneous interpretation for all kind of business meeting, training, seminar, conference Interpreting rates are based on half-day (4 hrs.) and full-day (8 hrs.) working time. Interpreting rates vary depending on language and subject matter. Cooperate discount shall be agreed on case-by-case basis.

Volunteers for Social organizations

    VLK Center is running as a Non-profit organization. The volunteer worker or interpreter is also provided for Government and Non-government organizations depended on case-by-case.